HC3 vs VMware vs. Hyper-V for SMBs : Part 2

I’ve been hanging out on Spiceworks a lot lately which is a great online community for SMB and mid market IT personnel to share ideas, ask questions and gather opinions.  In fact, the idea for creating this blog series came in large part from seeing the common and repeated questions, concerns and discussions happening on …

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Enterprises are Looking to HC3 for Simplicity

We built HC3 to solve a fundamental need in IT:  a system that keeps applications running without all the complexity that’s latched on to infrastructure with bolt-on after bolt-on solution.  We knew this was a problem most acutely felt in midmarket companies, with complex needs but limited resources.  We built HC3 so those midmarket customers …

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Software-Defined Storage Is the End of Big Storage

The End of Big Storage is my take on the disruptive transformation that Software-Defined Storage (SDS) will bring to the storage industry. SDS is a move away from storage that has grown into something that looks like the 80’s mainframe to storage built on virtualized pools of commodity X86 servers connected by intelligent software that is optimized for virtual data centers. This blog tracks the end of big storage and provides insight into the events surrounding it. Note to readers: this first entry is a little longer to set the context of this disruptive change. Why Now? Today, two unstoppable … more >

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Five Business Reasons Why Developers and Software Ecosystems Benefit from KVM

By: Peter Fuller, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances, Scale Computing As the VP of Business Development and Alliances for Open Virtual Alliance Member Scale Computing, I work with a diverse group of top players in the software ecosystem. While many have KVM compatible products as full virtual appliances, others are building business cases to …

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XtremeMac Introduces New Cases for the New iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display Devices

OAKDALE, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 23, 2013–
XtremeMac™, a leading designer and manufacturer of audio solutions and
accessories for Apple® products, today launched new cases designed
specifically for the recently released iPad® Air and iPad®
mini with Retina display devices. The new cases join the brand’s
existing lineup of innovations designed to protect, power and play Apple

The new XtremeMac Microshield(TM) Grip makes it easier to grasp an iPad with one hand and its unique rotating mount allows for multiple viewing angles. It includes an insert that securely attaches it to any standard tripod for more stable display, ph…

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HC3 vs VMware vs. Hyper-V for SMBs : Part 1

There are plenty of articles, reviews, blogs and lab reports available that provide various comparisons of different software, hardware and architectural options for leveraging the benefits of server and storage virtualization. I’m going to try to tackle the subject through the eyes of a “typical” IT director or manager at a small to mid size business (SMB)  …

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What Da Ali G Show Can Teach Us About How We Can Work With Our Global Customers

Every time I go to the UK, I watch an episode of the old Da Ali G Show on my laptop.  Sacha Baron Cohen (AKA Borat) is one of my favorite British comedians, and I usually laugh out loud on the airplane with my Scale Computing HC3 Beats by Dre headphones on.  More on what …

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Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategies for the SMB

When infrastructure (server or storage) fails in a traditional, physical environment, there is typically resulting downtime while a complex and lengthy recovery from backups is reconstituted.  In most cases, this requires time obtaining and setting up identical replacement hardware, then additional time to recover the operating system, applications and data from the backups. In a …

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Nexsan NST6000MC Metro Storage Cluster is Meeting Rising Worldwide Need for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Part of the Nexsan NST6000 Unified Hybrid Storage portfolio shown at
VMworld Barcelona, the NST6000MC uses Fibre Channel direct or switched
connections, including DWDM and dark fiber to synchronously mirror
copies of data to different sites, providing instant data replication
and failover to sites on campus or up to 10km away

OAKDALE, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 15, 2013–
Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security
company, is reporting strong interest in its Nexsan™ NST6000MC
Metro Storage Cluster system among customers worldwide, driven by
imperatives to maintain continuous availability for mission-…

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