INFOGRAPHIC: Why You Should Consider Using Flash In Your Data Center

IDC recently published an infographic that illustrates what’s happening with flash in the enterprise these days and identifies several key concerns to address to deploy flash most effectively.

They are:
✔ Flash optimized storage architecture
While adding flash to an existing array offers enhanced performance, legacy storage architectures designed for spinning disk just cannot deliver the full performance available with flash storage. For IOPS-hungry virtual workloads, these legacy arrays, even when they do support flash storage, do not compare …

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HC3 vs VMware vs. Hyper-V for SMBs: part 7 – Rules to Live By

To summarize and conclude this series, I want to offer some “rules” or at least “guidelines” that I believe small and mid-sized businesses should consider when planning for their virtual infrastructure. First – ensure your design provides data and compute redundancy across multiple “boxes” wherever possible.  And Second –  you can provide for both with a …

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