HC3 vs VMware vs. Hyper-V for SMBs: part 7 – Rules to Live By

To summarize and conclude this series, I want to offer some “rules” or at least “guidelines” that I believe small and mid-sized businesses should consider when planning for their virtual infrastructure. First – ensure your design provides data and compute redundancy across multiple “boxes” wherever possible.  And Second –  you can provide for both with a …

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Citrix and Gridstore–Built for the Cloud

Gridstore is excited to announce a partnership with Citrix, who launched CloudPlatform 4.3 today.  With this release, Citrix’s flagship cloud orchestration-and-provisioning platform now supports all of the top hypervisors, including Microsoft Hyper-V. Citrix’s message is clear—interoperability has become mandatory for today’s datacenter, which is typically an amalgamation of physical and virtual servers, applications, and technologies from multiple vendors. Although it still comprises under 30% of the virtualization marketplace, Hyper-V has gained ground every quarter since its release. Its advantages include price (the hypervisor comes free with Windows Server, which creates compelling economics for service providers), easy integration and management within … more >

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Imation Delivers Compelling Cost-Effective Solution to Expensive Storage Systems with DataCore Ready Nexsan E-Series Storage Arrays

Nexsan E-Series storage arrays coupled with the SANsymphony-V storage
virtualization software provide powerful and cost-effective storage
infrastructure for Microsoft, VMware, Oracle and other virtualized

Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security
company, today announced that its Nexsan™ E-Series™ storage arrays have
been certified as DataCore Ready. When combined with the DataCore
SANsymphony-V storage virtualization platform, the solution offers data
centers rapid ROI through significant improvements in data availa…

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HC3 vs VMware vs. Hyper-V for SMBs: Part 6 – Isn’t Microsoft THE SMB solution?

In the last post of this series we discussed the various software components to purchase, install, manage, patch in a Hyper-V infrastructure.  Now I want discuss the all important data storage options. As is the case with VMware, for automatic high availability failover among Hyper-V hosts you need some form of shared storage system and storage …

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VM-Aware Storage and VM-Optimized – The Difference

Over the past couple of years, enterprises have experienced the painful mismatch between traditional storage and the virtualized data center. While virtualization had brought many great benefits – it has come at the cost of application and VM performance.

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VMware announces VSAN: Better than a VSA but still a generation behind HC3 with SCRIBE

Click Here To Contact Scale Computing >> The time has finally come!  Well, the time has been here for a while actually.  VMware’s VSAN was just released out of beta and to much fanfare with their “revolutionary” approach of hypervisor convergence.  In reality, the “revolution” began back in August of 2012 when Scale Computing launched …

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