DCIG Will Provide Update on All-flash Array Advances at Flash Memory Summit 2019

Flash Memory Summit is the world’s largest storage industry event featuring the trends, innovations, and influencers driving the adoption of flash memory. DCIG will again present at the Summit this year. DCIG’s presentation will draw from its independe…

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Definitions Help Bring Sanity to the Cloud

The more DCIG covers various enterprise technologies, the more it sees the term “cloud” permeating the literature originating from vendors describing their products. In so doing, they use the term “cloud” very liberally to describe their products’ capa…

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How Data Plays a Role in the Future of Lean Manufacturing

Today, data is everywhere, being created by countless sources, from IOT devices to video capture to internet behaviors. In many industries, data is poised to be of even greater importance in the coming years. One way that data is predicted to have a huge impact is in manufacturing industries, specifically in companies that employ the […]

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