Mobile technology lets people access data and get things done – whether they are using phones, tablets or laptops. While people love their devices, the magic that makes it all work together is something called a platform – that’s the technology inside that gives people a common user experience regardless of the device they happen to be using.

Products sharing a common platform have a range of sizes, capabilities and costs. Tegile, the company I work for, has developed an advanced flash-based storage platform that is at the core of every product we make. Our customers can find a Tegile array that matches any of their their applications or workloads. For instance, they could connect their general-purpose file servers to a lower cost hybrid flash array or they could connect their high-performance database servers to one of our high-performance all-flash arrays. That’s what we mean when we say “One flash platform, any workload” There are Tegile arrays that matchup with the full range of workloads that customers have. Not only that, but our platform also supports all the common storage protocols customers use, which means any array can connect to any server running any application. And check this out – mixing and matching Tegile arrays adds a lot of value to disaster recovery too because it means you can save money on a lower-cost array for your secondary site without compromising performance at your primary site.

The benefits of Tegile platform storage really add up down the road when customers buy additional arrays because they are all managed with a familiar interface and set-and-forget management tools. If you want to find out more about Tegile’s hybrid flash and all flash arrays, please visit our website at Thanks for watching.