4 Ways the Healthcare Sector Can Lock Down Data

There are two main reasons healthcare providers are currently placing more emphasis on IT and data security: big data and ransomware attacks. Over the past few years, the amount of data collected and stored by organizations in every industry is astrono…

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What is Healthcare Analytics and How Can Big Data Improve the Industry?

Big data is making waves in almost every industry. No matter the sector, businesses are always working on the way they collect, store, sort, and use their data to improve processes and uncover customer patterns. One industry that is harnessing big data…

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SC18 in Big D: HPC, Cowboys and Object Storage

If you grow up in Texas, you know that “Big D” means Dallas—the legendary city where the series of the same name and the movie Urban Cowboy were filmed. Famous for oil barons, cowboys and honky-tonk bars, Dallas is so much more. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and part […]

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