Infographic: Disaster Recovery – The Cost of Downtime

Digital technology has completely revolutionized the way we do business. It is now so interwoven that IT services are beyond a requirement; they are critical. Our dependence on these systems and functions has therefore become an Achilles’ heel, and disaster recovery has become a subject of priority for businesses across the globe. Even seemingly small […]

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Four Ways to Achieve Quick Wins in the Cloud

More companies than ever want to use the cloud as part of their overall IT strategy. To do so, they often look to achieve some quick wins in the cloud to demonstrate its value. Achieving these quick wins also serves to give them some practical hands on…

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Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan

From eCommerce to education, a disaster recovery plan is essential to the survival of any business that stores any amount of data. And it doesn’t matter if you store two gigabytes of data or two terabytes. That said, there are some companies and …

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