Breaking Down Scalable Data Protection Appliances

Scalable data protection appliances have arguably emerged as one of the hottest backup trends in quite some time, possibly since the introduction of deduplication into the backup process. These appliances offer backup software, cloud connectivity, repl…

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Stop the Data Avalanche from Burying Your Backup

Data is growing at a dramatic rate and so is the requirement to protect and retrieve it across multiple environments. Current backup solutions are failing IT in keeping up with the demanding RPO/RTO (Recovery Point & Recovery Time Objectives) within diminishing backup windows and require forklift upgrades as they reach capacity.

Is it possible to reduce the pain and cost of backing up this avalanche of data? Join Sean Derrington, Senior Director of Products at Exablox as he discusses new strategies and technologies to store, backup and retrieve this critical data – while eliminating inefficiencies, bottlenecks and failures associated with legacy backup solutions.

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