ClearSky has a radically different approach to storage. Pay for your data once and gain access to all of it, anywhere it’s needed — on premises, at a DR location or in the public cloud. No copies. No backup licenses, no replication licenses, no redundant infrastructure. And a dramatic reduction in your secondary data center footprint. With ClearSky, your approach to storage can be radically different.

You no longer have to pay for separate infrastructure for primary and secondary storage, backups and DR, corresponding software licenses, management of all those disparate systems, and the endless data copying. All these costs, the complexity and overhead just...disappear.

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ClearSky’s architecture and technology innovations deliver significant cost savings for enterprise storage. Rather than owning and maintaining four or five separate sub-systems, there’s just a single fully managed ClearSky service to access. And, it's delivered in a consumption-based model where you pay only for the capacity you actually use.

ClearSky Data, provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a service, today announced a collaboration with Packet for an edge computing deployment at the SBA Communications tower site in the Boston area. “With ClearSky Data and Packet, customers can access a cloud-native infrastructure that can be easily connected to self-protecting storage,” said Jacob Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Packet. “It’s an extremely compelling edge story for the enterprise.”

Smart Tiered Caching™ - Their patented technology optimizes your data across the entire lifecycle where: Hot data is cached at the edge of your applications. Warm data is cached in a PoP within 120 miles of your data center. All data, including cold/archival data, is stored in multiple locations in the cloud and is accessible on-demand.

ClearSky Data is one of the Channel Co. CRN Emerging Vendors of 2019.

The ClearSky fully managed hybrid cloud service—with on-demand primary storage and built-in, offsite backup and DR—provides the performance, security and reliability of on-prem storage with the flexibility and security of the cloud.
Here's what their customers are saying:

“ClearSky Data is a key part of our overall strategy to move to the cloud. After extensive testing of the ClearSky service, we found it delivers as promised: high-performance, low latency, elastic storage on demand for multiple workloads,” said Jim Noga, CIO, Partners HealthCare. “Without giving up the benefits of on-premises storage, we’ve gained scalability and cut costs. It’s a compelling consumption model that enables our growing cloud initiatives, and we plan to bring more data into the ClearSky service in the coming months.”

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