Returning from the NAB Show in New York City, I was thinking of how many times I’ve made the remark that “one size does not fit all.” While usually this is associated with fashion, it is also true of data storage.

Massive scalability is one thing, but what if you need to start small? This is why Caringo recently launched the new Swarm Single Server—a complete on-prem S3 solution with built-in content management and delivery in a single server with 96 TBs of raw capacity.

After speaking with the diverse attendees at the NAB expo about our latest addition to the Caringo product line, I could see how excited they were at the reality that there was now a simple way to start using object storage. Many are struggling as they outgrow traditional SAN, NAS and Tape storage solutions. Just as important, they are tired of searching for files on disparate storage and having it inconvenience them and interrupt their workflow and their ability to deliver content to customers.

When we talk about the benefits of object storage, what does that mean on a smaller scale?

  • Built-in content management, search and delivery
  • Archives are online and secure within your network
  • Ongoing costs and the risks of cloud storage are reduced

For any small- to medium-sized business that needs to keep their data online and accessible, this storage model is attractive. We all know that the “pay-as-you-grow” model makes sense. Join Senior Consultant John Bell and Engineer Jamshid Afshar next week for our Tech Tuesday Webinar: Running Object Storage on a Single Server as they explain how you can store, manage, search and deliver data with just one server, while maintaining the ability to scale out by simply plugging in additional servers as your data storage needs grow.


 To learn more about object storage, check out our entire 2018 Tech Tuesday webinar series, now available on demand.

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