“I want to run my VMWare VDI over NFS and my Oracle OLTP on fibre channel block. Can you support it on a single array?” Unless you are a VMware or an Oracle application engineer, please don’t tell me that is always a bad idea.

Unified storage: why buy two when you only need one?
Having worked in the enterprise flash market for the past eight years, I always found it frustrating when a hardware vendor pretends they understand applications better than application providers. Look, I love to cook, but I always know that when my mother is in my kitchen, I should just be the dishwasher. You wouldn’t buy two dishwashers for your home, based on different loads and cycles. So why should you buy one flash solution for your block storage environment and one for your NFS/CIFS environment?

It gets even more complex when vendors keep dedupe always on, no matter what the application. Let us bring back simplicity from all that unnecessary complexity. Why not rely on a single all-flash or hybrid array that can support file or block and mix workloads.

It is not about Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) or Solid State Drives (SSDs), it is about what DRIVES your business.