StorageCraft's OneBlox 5210 is a scale-out low-cost flash product with object storage under the hood, that lists for $29,000 diskless, with 4 TB SSDs a further $2,000 each. The OneBlox 5210 expectation is that 35% of these units will find their way into primary storage, 35% into secondary storage and 30% hybrid. The OneBlox 5210 is a 1U appliance with 10 2.5” drive slots, which achieves 50,000 IOPS.

It is very high density, but also high performance and low cost. It is a scale-out architecture, with all its benefits, and because it is object-based under the covers, it can mix and match capacities over time without the user having to reconfigure. RAID and LUNs and volumes are all eliminated. This makes it easy to deploy. The cost, $29,000, comes in at less than $0.50/GB. The cost advantage is broader than that because some competitors have a low diskless cost, then charge a lot for the flash disks, StorageCraft's disks are also inexpensive.

The distributed object system created by StorageCraft provides IT organizations with more granular control over the size of objects being accessed by any given application which improves overall performance. StorageCraft claims it can achieve 50,000 IOPS per node while scaling to more than 700 TB per cluster. A total of 1.4 petabytes of storage that can be accessed by both modern and legacy applications compatible with NFS and SMB protocols can be packed into each array.

OneBlox 5210 Datasheet

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