Film Clip BlogThe yearly Emmy award show never fails to entertain—with narratives and fashion that range from fabulous to faux pas; clips from each nominated show, actor and actress; heartfelt In Memoriam segments; to film collages showcasing the career of Lifetime Achievement honorees such as the incomparable Betty White; and this year’s actual wedding proposal. It might make you wonder: just how are all of these items are stored? How were they retrieved? And, just how will organizations continue to hang onto burgeoning stores of digital media?

Consider this: the first movies were shot in the late 1800s, and the technology, volume and rate has been accelerating every since. From silent movies to science fiction to romantic comedy to TV and everything in-between, these chunks of our history must be preserved. From old tape reels stored in studio vaults to the proliferation of 4K digital files holding today’s blockbuster movies, the preservation needs in Media & Entertainment (M&E) are extensive. Check out these stories about IQ media and NEP. However, other organizations and verticals also need to store massive amounts of data. Think about how much surveillance video is being stored by law enforcement agencies, such as our hometown, the City of Austin (read the case study). Almost all organizations are media-driven and their missions and their bank accounts will reap tremendous benefits once they manage to end storage silos and keep assets online and searchable.

Marrying the many generations of technology can be a daunting challenge, and with over hundreds of successful installations, we know a bit about that struggle. John Bell, Sr. Consultant, and Eric Dey, Director of Product Management, will speak next Tuesday about  migrating data from SAN, NAS or tape to an object-based storage solution. They will share their insights to help you understand how to move from a limited traditional storage approach to the cost-effective, limitless storage of object storage and answer any questions you might have.


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