HYCU is the 1st backup and recovery vendor to leverage Nutanix storage as sources for Volumes and Files as well as backup targets including the support for Object Storage offering in Nutanix Buckets.

HYCU provides agentless support for SAP HANA on Nutanix, auto-discovery and auto-configuration in HYCU, impact-free to the SAP HANA database, and snapshot-based backup of SAP HANA. This is powerful as HYCU significantly simplifies the protection for SAP HANA. HYCU is certified to protect not only the test/dev environments but also the production database.

HYCU is also the 1st backup and recovery vendor to provide agentless support for SQL on Nutanix across hypervisors, impact-free to the SQL database, auto-discovery and auto-configuration in HYCU, snapshot-based backup of Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster and support for Multi-instance Microsoft SQL databases.

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HYCU 4.0 for Nutanix also introduced the ability to manage multiple Nutanix and VMware clusters through a single consolidated console, allowing customers to manage their HYCU instances distributed across their enterprise. This consolidated console will also support Nutanix Mine when it becomes available. Another function that's being added is a built-in option to turn on call-home functionality. This enhances customer support by making sure that we are proactive in telling the customer that there is a major issue before we address it.

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HYCU also expanded its support for Nutanix NearSync to VMs using NearSync and running on both AHV & ESX. It provides validated support for Nutanix Buckets. HYCU will have support for the expansion of the Nutanix Files Changed File Tracking [CFT] capability, which allows for much more efficient identification and backup of files which have been changed, reducing the window for incremental backups in larger environments.

Another significant addition is support for applications and data running on Windows Physical Servers. This is designed to support niche enterprise use cases where the customer doesn’t want to virtualize a specific application. Examples would be where specialized infrastructure is involved, like an Interactive Voice Response system, or extremely specialized database workloads that need to run on specialized Windows systems.

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