HyperGrid, previously Gridstore, the all-flash HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) lowers total cost of ownership by combining compute, storage area network, and storage into a single system, eliminating costly data center sprawl by separating storage and compute scaling. A single HyperGrid all-flash HCA delivers the resources to run a data center with configurable cores, RAM, NICs and flash storage (select from configurations tailored to workloads).

HyperGrid is the only HCI with a parallel all-flash architecture that allows cost-effective scaling. Instead
of replicating the full infrastructure stack three times like other hyperconverged platforms, HyperGrid uses erasure coding that offers the same fault tolerance and usable capacity, but uses 50% less infrastructure to achieve this. HyperGrid also allows independent scaling of compute and storage, as well as the ability to leverage existing infrastructure.

Hybrid Datasheet

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