iXsystems is a well-kept secret. It is considered a Utility Storage play. The TrueNAS product offers you the flexibility of choice, providing SMB, AFP, and NFS for file storage, iSCSI and Fibre Channel for block storage, and S3-compatible APIs for object storage. iXsystems creates Open Source driven enterprise storage and server hardware and software installations. Every common operating system, hypervisor, and application is supported. TrueNAS uses OpenZFS to provide unlimited point-in-time snapshots, allowing you to roll back and access data as it was. TrueNAS is a proven way to mitigate virtual machine corruption, user error, and ransomware attacks like WannaCry.

With their unique convergence of hardware, software, and storage expertise, check out the award-winning TrueNAS flash and all-flash storage arrays, offering enterprise reliability and performance at a value unheard of in storage.

Unify your business-critical applications with a TrueNAS storage array that fits the performance and capacity requirements of your application. TrueNAS unifies block and file storage, grows to nearly 5PB in a rack, is available in hybrid and all-flash configurations, and uses the OpenZFS file system to guarantee data stays pristine and safe.

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Since 2015 DCIG, a third-party analyst firm, has continuously ranked the enterprise-grade TrueNAS storage array at or near the top in eight different buyer’s guides. This recognition shows that the TrueNAS storage array has the enterprise-grade features required by customers. It validates iXsystems' strategy of combining Open Source software with a custom-designed, purpose-built hardware platform to deliver exceptional enterprise storage that’s disrupting the market with its unrivaled low TCO, making it the best value in enterprise storage.

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- ESG Group