Liqid’s innovative composable infrastructure hardware and software platform enables users to manage, scale out, and configure physical bare-metal server systems in seconds. Liqid composable infrastructure leverages industry-standard data center components to deliver a flexible, scalable architecture built from pools of disaggregated resources. Compute, networking, storage, GPU, FPGA, and Intel® Optane™ memory devices are interconnected over intelligent fabrics to deliver dynamically-configurable bare-metal servers, perfectly sized, with the exact physical resources required by each deployed application.

Our solutions and services enable infrastructure to adapt and approach full utilization. Processes can be automated to realize further efficiencies to better address data demand associated with next-generation applications in AI, IoT deployment, DevOps, Cloud and Edge computing, NVMe- and GPU-over-Fabric (NVMe-oF, GPU-oF) support, and beyond.


- Accelerate Time-to-Value Meet Exacting IT Demands in Real-time
- Improve IT Agility Quickly Accommodate Changing Needs
- Increase Efficiency Reduce Datacenter Costs and Extend Existing Investments

Hyperconverged data center architectures can no longer scale to keep pace with the uneven demands of virtualized compute environments. With limited ability to disaggregate data center resources, hyperconverged systems can quickly become uneven, with some resources sitting idle while others are taxed to their limits.

Without the ability to pool these high-value resources through software and adapt for changes in unpredictable, AI-driven workloads, the benefits of virtualization can be significantly diminished.

To address the challenges associated with the evolving virtualized data center, Liqid delivers composable, software-defined infrastructure solutions and services that automate, orchestrate and compose resources at the bare-metal level. IT users can significantly increase data agility, capacity and bandwidth in all environments for which lightning-fast, adaptive data manipulation is necessary. Liqid composable infrastructure is hypervisor agnostic and optimized for VMWare’s VSAN, Dell VXRail, and other leading providers. The ability to create multiple servers on demand with composable software reduces the number of licenses required for virtualization deployments.

Liqid composable software also ensures complete fault tolerance, instantly transferring data from failed compute nodes to other available disaggregated hardware.

Liqid Command Center is the powerful management software that dynamically composes physical servers on demand from pools of bare-metal resources. It allows for:

- Fabric management software for bare-metal machine orchestration.
- Policy-based automation and dynamic provisioning of resources is a benefit. Advanced cluster, machine, and device statistics & monitoring
- Multiple control methods, including GUI & RESTful API
- Scalable architecture supporting high availability (HA)