Quantum Lattus disk-based archives provide immediate access to large data volumes using next generation object storage technology. Lattus scales to hundreds of petabytes, keeping data secure over time, using self–protecting and self-healing technologies. It uses advanced architecture and algorithms.

Lattus scales indefinitely, is self-healing and self-migrating, and has lower operating and capital costs. Data can be flexibly archived into Lattus via CIFS, NFS, StorNext Storage Manager or HTTP REST, including with AmazonS3 support.

Quantum Lattus extends the capabilities of object storage, blending the manageability and accessibility of traditional filesystems with the scalability and durability of object storage. With the best of both worlds, Quantum Lattus storage opens up new use cases for organizations, enabling broader use of big data, while maintaining certainty of data integrity and longevity despite the pressing problems that big data introduces.

Lattus Datasheet

"Building on a proven track record of StorNext products in key big data markets, Quantum’s new Lattus line significantly strengthens the company’s strategic position in this space." - Terri McClure, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

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