StorNext 6 empowers companies to architect their storage environment based on the needs of their business — flash, disk, tape, cloud and other storage tiers. The StorNext platform eliminates the need to recreate the data management infrastructure allowing companies to maximize their storage investments. Data is always available in the right place at the right time and at the right cost.

StorNext 6 enhances efficiency and lowers the costs associated with complex data management by simplifying the movement, access, sharing and protection of data — regardless of location. StorNext 6 also offers fast, automated file replication with FlexSync™ FlexSpace, a shared archive management tool, allows multiple instances of StorNext —located anywhere in the world—to share a single archive target. Users working at geographically distributed sites can create and automatically store content to the archive as well as browse and pull content from it.

FlexSpace provides fully automated movement of files according to policies, increasing efficiency and enhancing data protection through off-site storage. This capability supports both public cloud (via S3 protocol with StorNext FlexTier™) and private cloud storage based on Lattus™ object storage or a FlexTier target, such as NetApp StorageGRID, IBM Cleversafe and Scality RING.

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