Quantum XCELLIS scale-out storage provides a simple-to-manage surveillance storage foundation that can grow under a single file system designed specifically for video applications.

This scaling foundation enables a tiered approach to storage architectures for surveillance and security applications, which leverages high-performance disk, high-capacity disk, file-based tape and the cloud.

A tiered system enables customers to meet their total capacity needs more cost-effectively and optimize their storage infrastructure based on budget, retention policies and access requirements, reducing IT intervention and management costs.

Xcellis supports a variety of NAS protocols including SMB 1 (CIFS), SMB 2, SMB 3, and NFS 3 with multiple shares per StorNext file system. In a Windows environment, Xcellis provides ACL compatibility between SMB, Windows SAN client, Windows DLC clients. SMB protocols support offline and archive bits so that users have visibility to files that have been archived and removed from primary storage.

Senate House Bill 507


Recent Honors:

At the 2016 Storage Visions Conference, Quantum was presented the 2016 Storage Visions Award for Visionary Products, Professional-Class System, for the company's new Xcellis™ high-performance shared workflow storage solution. The Storage Visions Awards recognize companies advancing the state of the art in storage technologies and showcase visionary digital storage products.

Quantum also received the Innovative Security Products award for the new Xcellis high-performance scale-out tiered storage solution at the 2015 Top 10 Innovative Security Products Award Ceremony. The award recognizes companies advancing the state of the art in storage technologies designed to enhance security.

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