Quantum Scalar libraries are the intelligent choice for archiving applications and long-term data retention. Quantum offers i3, i6 and i6000 tape libraries. Proactive and automated monitoring and management reduces administration time and service interruptions keeping IT staff focused on key business objectives. With ease of management, industry-leading performance, reliability and scalability, it’s easy to see why Quantum is the market share leader in tape backup and automation.

LTO-7 brings intelligent iLayer benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Expands up to 40 slots or 80 slots of Capacity-on-Demand. Additionally, LTO-7 offers nearly twice the performance of LTO-6 and more than twice the performance of LTO-5 with enhanced security, and data management features required to do business today, further enhancing tape’s cost advantage for long-term data storage and data archiving.

LTO-7 tape technology provides 15TB of compressed data storage per cartridge, higher throughput, enhanced security, and data management features required to do business today.

Scalar i6000 is designed for enterprise customers needing the highest level of scale, performance and security to meet the most demanding archive and long-term compliance requirements. Scales up to 180PB.

Scalar Tape Datasheets:

- i3 Datasheet

- i6 Datasheet

- i6000 Datasheet

Many companies use disk-based systems for short-term backup and tape systems for long-term data retention. This approach provides the benefit of staging recently generated data on a disk backup system, providing simpler restores, while leveraging tape’s lower TCO (total cost of ownership) for long-term data retention and archiving. Additionally, tape is the primary element in most disaster recovery and business contingency plans, with tapes being stored off-site in case of fire, sabotage, natural disaster, or other such calamities.

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