Strategic Storage Solutions is announcing a new service to our prospective and current customers who are in the process of refreshing their IT infrastructure. We are leveraging third party analyst organizations that interrogate the different hardware, software and cloud offerings. The results of the analysis compares features and functions of the different offerings and allows you the consumer to make a decision on what vendors you may want to engage with to solve the specific requirements that you have identified.

Strategic Storage Solutions has identified the following IT Infrastructure areas where extensive research has been completed including a large number of vendors in specific areas. Here is a sample of content that we can provide:

• All Flash Arrays
• Backup Software Solutions
• Cloud Data Protection
• Deduplication Disk Appliances
• Hybrid Tiered Disk Array
• Object Storage Solutions
• Purpose Build Backup Appliances
• Scale Out NAS Storage Arrays

This content will be delivered in a PDF format and intended for our customer's internal use only and not for external distribution.

An alternative model is delivering logon credentials to an interactive application that will allow our customers to craft their own ‘analysis’. We can arrange for a demonstration of this unique capability. Please click below to get additional information and schedule a brief conversation with Strategic Storage Solutions to see how these tools could assist in your IT Infrastructure refresh.

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