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  • Hyperconvergence is the single technical solution that brings the virtual aspects of infrastructure together with the physical aspects of your servers and storage. At Strategic Storage Solutions, we believe the end result is simple: a hyperconverged infrastructure that flawlessly runs your applications - it's so simple, it just looks like magic.

  • Scale Computing develops scale-out clustered IT infrastructure products for small to medium-sized organizations based on its patented ICOS [Intelligent Clustered Operating System] technology. Scale is currently expanding its footprint throughout the datacenter with what analysts are calling the industry’s first hyperconverged architecture, HC3.
  • Scale Computing's HC3 system is designed to deliver the benefits of virtualization without the need for a NAS or SAN storage layer. A HC3 system contains server virtualization software on every node with access to a single pool of storage that spans multiple HC3 nodes, but always looks like local storage to the hypervisor on each HC3 node. HC3 pools compute resources such as CPUs and memory and automatically starts workloads on the node with the most available resources. This clustered architecture provides both the fault tolerance and scalability needed for a high availability environment and dramatically simplifies management of the environment.

HC Family Datasheet

Scale Computing, the market leader in hyperconverged storage, server and virtualization solutions for midsized companies, has an SSD-enabled entry to its HC1000 line of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions for less than $25,000, designed to meet the critical needs in the SMB market for simplicity, scalability and affordability. Scale Computing modified its HC3 hyper-converged system, adding a pair of hybrid arrays that allocate NAND flash as a tunable tier of primary storage.

The HC1150 combines virtualization with servers and high performance flash storage to provide a complete, highly available datacenter infrastructure solution at the lowest price possible. Offering the full line of features found in the HC2000 and HC4000 family clusters, the entry level HC1150 provides the most efficient use of system resources – particularly RAM – to manage storage and compute resources, allowing more resources for use in running additional virtual machines. The sub-$25,000 price point also includes a year of an industry-leading premium support at no additional cost.

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