100GBE TRUENAS® M40-HA FOR $44,990

- Highly Upgradable ZFS Platform
- High Availability (Dual Storage Controllers)
- 4 x 100GbE
- 384 GB RAM
- Up to 4 x 1.6 TB NVMe
- Starts at: 432 TB (24 x 18 TB HDDs) raw capacity - Expandable to: 2.5 PB (144 x 18 TB HDDs)

For a limited time, IXsystems is offering a number of high-capacity TrueNAS M40-HA systems packed with a whopping 432 TB of storage for under $45,000. The new version of the M40 supports NVMe SSDs and 100 GbE networking, significantly lowering the cost of high-bandwidth, unified storage. High availability keeps your organization running by ensuring over 99.999% uptime and each controller comes with 192 GB RAM, 2 x 100 GbE ports, a NVDIMM write cache, and a 10 core Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor for full redundancy. The M40 comes installed with TrueNAS Enterprise 12.0 with new features including fusion pools, dataset encryption, and 2 Factor Authentication. Flexible Bronze, Silver, and Gold support options provide services like on-site repair and 24×7 support to meet your needs.



- High Density All-Flash ZFS Platform
- 1U with Single Controller
- 32 GB RAM, upgradable to 96 GB
- 16 x 1.9 TB RI-SSDs
- Starts with: 2 x10GbE
- Upgradable to: 40/50/100GbE

This All-Flash TrueNAS R10 delivers 30 TB of all-flash performance and capacity for just $9,900. Starting with 32 GB RAM and dual 10GbE networking, the TrueNAS R10 offers upgrades to 100GbE networking and can be installed with any version of TrueNAS, including Enterprise and SCALE.

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