Get smart about performance tuning in an Oracle environment
What is this AWR tool you speak of?

My last few days were spent at Oracle Open World. As a marketing guy, I had lots of high-level discussions with DBAs and architects about the transformative effects that flash can have on applications sitting on top of Oracle. Several discussions included the really smart guys from our database solutions architect team. They exchanged business cards with DBAs looking into flash and said “send me your AWR report!” I had to ask — what is this AWR you speak of?

Well, silly me. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) is a tool for Oracle performance tuning that has been around quite a while. AWR was introduced in Oracle 10g, and before that there was a tool called STATSPACK reporting schema that offered many similar functions to AWR but it was not as far reaching as AWR, especially when it comes to other functionality in the database.

og-tegile-stopwatch How many IOPs do you need?

So many times, a discussion around “How many IOPs do you need?” turns into a dart throwing exercise. With AWR, our Oracle database solution architects can pinpoint bottlenecks in the IO path and very confidently recommend a solution to break that bottleneck.

Storage may not be the bottleneck
Many times, storage may not be the bottleneck. That’s OK — at least we can help the DBA understand where he should focus his efforts and hopefully remember us when storage is the guilty party in performance — and come to Tegile to get the performance needed. So, if you are wrestling with Oracle database performance, run AWR and get a demo of what Tegile can do for your database performance. We’re happy to help.