VMUGs are for people who want to improve their technical skills and advance their career.

IT professionals can attend sessions at VMUGs, network with colleagues and chat in person with the makers of new products.

At the below VMUGs, storage experts from Tegile will share how flash storage cuts costs and improves performance in virtualized environments.

Improve technical skills and open doors to new opportunities
VMUGs are independent events led by customers around the globe. VMUGs are ideal for IT pros who want to learn the latest news about technology that works with VMware. We invite you to come out and chat with Team Tegile at a VMUG near you. While there, take the time to network with IT professionals just like you. You never know when you’ll make a friend or open the door to a new professional opportunity.

Chat with Team Tegile at these VMUGs
Date Location Search on this hashtag or profile to chat about this event
25 February Toronto, Ontario; Canada #TOVMUG #sharevmug @TorontoVMUG
1 March Hartford, Connecticut #CTVMUG #sharevmug @MyVMUG
8 March Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania #WPVMUG #sharevmug @WPVMUG
24 March St. Louis, Missouri #STLVMUG #sharevmug @STLVMUG
24 March Potomac
District of Colombia
7 April Austin, Texas #ATXVMUG @MyVMUG
7 April Silicon Valley
#sharevmug @MyVMUG
12 April Bellevue, Washington #SEAVMUG @SeattleVMUG @MyVMUG
14 April West Palm Beach, Florida #SFLVMUG @MyVMUG
21 April San Diego, California #SDVMUG @SanDiegoVMUG @MyVMUG

Plan your day — get the VMUG App
Plan your day by downloading the VMUG UserCon App to get the full agenda at your fingertips. Save time in your agenda to chat with the pros from Tegile.

Our team of virtualization and storage pros will be at VMUGs in Toronto, Hartford, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Potomoc, Austin, Bellevue, Silicon Valley, West Palm Beach, and San Diego.

Chat with our team and find out how Tegile award-winning all-flash and hybrid storage arrays can lower costs and improve performance in virtualized environments.

Can’t wait for the VMUG?
See what Tegile is doing now to improve the performance of virtualized environments for desktops and servers. Or if you have burning virtualization questions or just can’t wait for the VMUG — request a demo today.

Whether it’s a demo or a VMUG, our flash storage experts are eager to hear about the workloads running in your data center. Once we hear about your environment, we’ll share how flash arrays can accelerate your workloads while cutting infrastructure costs and boosting performance.

Attend a VMUG and take the next step in your career
When you attend a VMUG, take the time to expand your knowledge and chat with storage experts from Tegile. Find out how flash arrays can enhance performance in your data center, improve your company’s bottom line, and open new opportunities for your business — and your career.